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SENSR Monitoring Technologies

SENSR is an engineering company dedicated to making monitoring solutions for critical structures. 

Informative Illustration

Barge Impact-SENSR
Construction Monitoring-SENSR
Bridge Construction-SENSR
Vehicle Impact-SENSR
Scour Monitoring-SENSR
Ski Lift Monitoring-SENSR

Event Report Video

Housing Design

Housing Mock Up_6.PNG
SGC1 dropshadow.png
SR1 dropshadow.png

Icon Design

Accel- Good _256px.png
Accel- Electrical _256px.png
Accel- Offline _256px.png
JN5 Good _256px.png
JN5 Electrical _256px.png
JN5 Offline _256px.png
Strain Gauge Offline _256px.png
Strain Gauge Good _256px.png
Strain Gauge Electrical _256px.png
SGC1- Offline _256px.png
SGC1-Electrical _256px.png
SGC1- Good _256px.png
Good Pin _256px.png
Good Dial.png
Significant Pin _256px.png
Elevated Pin _256px.png
Elevated Dial.png
Significant Dial.png
Critical Pin _256px.png
Critical Dial.png
Inactive Pin _256px.png
Offline Cloud _256px.png
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